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Daily News Hungary

Investigators have not found links between a couple recently arrested under suspicion of financing terrorism and the Islamic State terrorist organisation, a spokesman for southern Hungary’s regional prosecutor told MTI on Monday.

The suspects, an Iranian woman and a Turkish man, were arrested last week, after they had submitted asylum applications legally and were waiting in the transit zone for the immigration authority to process their requests.

The Csongrád County Chief Prosecutor’s Office on Friday officially launched criminal proceedings against the suspects and initiated their pre-trial detention, the office’s spokesman told MTI.

Investigators believe the suspects joined a group in 2009 and 2010 which according to international agreements and treaties is deemed a terrorist organisation, Ferenc Szanka said. The suspects are believed to have carried out logistical tasks for the organisation between 2010 and 2014. They received military training and supported the activities of the organisation through other means as well, he added.

Source: MTI

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