Future trends in the development of Hungary’s economy and society and underlying factors triggering the country’s GDP growth over the past years were discussed at a meeting of the National Council for Sustainable Development (NFFT) in Budapest on Friday.

The meeting in Parliament also reviewed Hungary’s international development strategy for 2020-2025.

Addressing the event, House Speaker László Kövér, who is also NFFT’s president, agreed with contributors who said that decisions to raise children are not purely motivated by financial considerations.

“If we are unable to incorporate the reproduction of society into the logic of the economy and are not able to incorporate this notion in the minds of people in some way, then we have lost a cause,” Kövér said.

The House speaker stressed the need to create a situation in which parents raising 3-4 children are financially better off than those who raise only one or two.

NFFT is a consultative body set up with a cross-party consensus in 2008. It comprises representatives of parliament, the churches, academia, NGOs, trade unions and employers.

Source: MTI

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