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Forty such children were treated in the Heim Pál Children’s Hospital.

Young children, who previously had asymptomatic coronavirus infection, were admitted to the intensive care unit with severe complications. RTL News reported that 40 such children were treated either in the intensive care unit or in the internal medicine department at the Heim Pál Hospital.

Unfortunately, they developed several serious inflammatory diseases after contracting the infection.

The news broadcast was informed by the hospital that they are currently treating 7 children with multiple organ inflammation, one of whom is nursed at the intensive care unit. It takes 6 weeks after the children are released to ascertain whether they have fully recovered or not.

“It turned out that there was water in both of his lungs and there was inflammation on the left side, although there was no sign of that. He had no difficulty breathing, no shortness of breath, only a high fever, a very high heart rate, and abdominal pain,” said one of the mothers.

Experts claim that Covid-19 is less dangerous for children, the infection is usually asymptomatic, and the course of the disease is mild.

However, as the above cases demonstrate, there is a so-called multisystem inflammatory syndrome in children (MIS-C) that can develop after the disease.

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