Luxembourg, September 5 (MTI) – Events in Hungary last night were the result of the European Union’s failed immigration policy and irresponsible statements by European politicians, Hungary’s foreign minister said in Luxembourg before an informal meeting of EU foreign ministers.

Peter Szijjarto said Hungary had registered migrants who left its territory last night and would continue to observe the EU’s rules.

Some 100 buses took around 4,500 illegal migrants to the Austrian border from Budapest and elsewhere during the night.

The first groups of illegal migrants leaving Hungary for Austria crossed the border at Hegyeshalom in the early hours of Saturday. Around 1,500 migrants had started out from Budapest’s Keleti station on foot, and walked along the M1 motorway before buses picked them up.

Austrian Chancellor Werner Faymann announced that due of the current emergency situation, Austria and Germany had agreed to allow them into their countries.

The first bus arrived at at 2.30am at Hegyeshalom, where the migrants got off and walked across the border.

Szijjarto said the refugees and the migrants had become increasingly aggressive, and rejected cooperation with the authorities and registration. They also refused to go to a refugee camp, and under EU rules the authorities could not force them to do so, he added.

Recent events demonstrate the importance of effectively protecting the EU’s external borders, Szijjarto said.

Photo: MTI


  1. Szijjarto is hundertpercently right. EU did nothing in the past and will continue doing
    nothing in the future.They mainly look after their well-paid jobs and talk a lot garbage.
    This is why EU arrived at this terrible point.

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