Budapest, October 28 (MTI) – European leaders must end the doublespeak on the handling of the migrant crisis, Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto said on Wednesday.

The minister’s remarks came after Austrian Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner announced on Tuesday that she “has commissioned plans for special construction measures” on Austria’s border with Slovenia in case the migrant situation there gets any worse, noting that the plans involve “technical barriers”.

Austrian Defence Minister Gerald Klug said Austria was likely to install containers or barriers on the border “to be able to control the migrants in an orderly manner”. Klug added however that Europe must continue to handle migrants in a humane manner and said that humanity “has been trampled by the barbed wire in Hungary.”

Szijjarto responded saying that earlier Austria “has made unbelievable accusations against Hungary in connection with its border fence, but look what is happening now! Austria is building a fence on its border with Slovenia.”

The foreign minister said that after criticising Hungary for erecting a fence, his Austrian counterpart recently admitted that the “Hungarian model” is working.

Austria is building a fence, but claims that this fence is different from Hungary’s, Szijjarto said. He said this showed that it is possible to build two types of fences in Europe and also to apply double standards. “This needs to stop,” he said.

Szijjarto said Hungary is the only country that complies with all EU rules, adding that it was time for other countries to keep to the rules, as well. He said Hungary is capable of protecting its borders with the help of the other Visegrad Four countries, adding that the 28 EU member states should unite the same way to protect Greece’s borders.


  1. So EU Commissioners remain silent about immigration which is reaching breaking point throughout the Union forcing other member states to now consider the Hungarian solution of building wire fences along their borders to keep out any further influx of economic migrants. It appears therefore that our undemocratically non elected EU leaders are devoid of all solutions regarding this fiasco.
    As we enter the cold winter are we to see frozen columns of immigrants with no where to go because Europe is full up?.

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