Budapest, November 9 (MTI) – The president of the European Union should enforce Europe’s regulations rather than criticise those that already do so, Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto said on Monday.

Referring to remarks by Jean Asselborn, the foreign minister of Luxembourg, the rotating president of the EU, Szijjarto said, “Hungary is one of the few countries in Europe that promote all EU rules concerning migration.”

In an interview on Sunday, Asselborn said “if everyone reacted similarly to the Hungarian prime minister, Europe would withdraw behind barbed wire fences, which is not compatible with humanitarian, democratic or constitutional values. In that sense, Viktor Orban is not European”.

In a statement, the Hungarian foreign ministry quoted Szijjarto as saying that “quite a few European countries neglect Dublin or Schengen regulations; it is a question why Asselborn fails to criticise those states”.

Photo: MTI


  1. Mr ARSelborn doesn’t need to concern himself about euro-border security..its easy to sit on a hedgehog long as its someone elses arse.Besides,the Emperor of the Known Universe,Goerge Soros has promised him a seat on his Death Star {which is nearing completion}so he can escape the coming doom.
    Let us all prey now for the Emperor to pass away peacefully in his sleep…TONIGHT.

  2. Another complete idiot. I think he is not the good European because he advocates allowing these millions in with no checks or restraints.

    Delusional fool.

  3. Orbán Viktor is more European than any of the Prime Ministers of most European countries. He is the only Prime Minister that has put himself foreward to protect not only his country, but also the whole of Europe. He is A1.

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