Budapest, March 23 (MTI) – Hungary “has the right to voice its opinion”, the foreign minister said in reaction to sharp remarks by European Parliament President Martin Schulz, who criticised the Hungarian government’s plans to hold a referendum concerning migration quotas.

In an interview on Wednesday, Schulz said that the quota system was designed to equitably distribute the burden of immigration across the community, and regretted that some European leaders “failed to grasp” that. As long as “people like Viktor Orbán”, the Hungarian prime minister, say that the migration issue is just “a problem for Germany”, Europe will not be able to cope, Schulz insisted. He said that the Hungarian government’s plans to hold a referendum on “whether to accommodate 1,290 refugees” were “not only absurd but perfidious, too”.

In reaction, Szijjártó said that “Hungarians have the right to decide who they want to live together with”.

Szijjártó referred to Tuesday’s terrorist attacks in Brussels as “reality kicking the door open” and suggested that Schulz should “wake up from his dreams” and seek “real solutions rather than make silly accusations”.


  1. Schultz shows how his mental capability is severely stunted with remarks like that. Its just another reason why the E.U. Is a bad idea. The Belgians, French and Germans dominate and try to push their will upon the other member states. The Iron Curtains opposite.


    Like your namesake in that famous television series – SERGEANT HANS SCHULZ – you “SEE NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING AND KNOW NOTHING” !!

    Whether you like it or not, if it had not been for the ABJECT STUPIDITY of Ms. Merkel last year, Europe would NOT now be facing the prospect of an INVASION – yes, an INVASION – of so-called ‘refugees’ whose main aim is to SUCK DRY the economies of Europe.

    These individuals have NO INTENTION WHATSOEVER of integrating into mainstream Europe but rather creating their own societies in countries they have INVADED and then DEMANDING that those countries foot the bill.

    Furthermore, if they don’t get want they want, then mayhem and mass murder will follow.

    Why are you and Ms. Merkel so SCARED of Hungary holding a referendum to ask the HUNGARIAN POPULATION about their views ??

    Is it that you FOOLS are so petrified that the populace in other European nations will DEMAND similar referenda to be held in THEIR countries knowing the long-term repercussions of allowing these ‘refugees’ to continue their INVASION ?

    It is a safe guess that IF the people in other E.U. nations were asked their opinion the OVERWHELMING RESPONSE would be “NEM” (or its equivalent) !!!

    It is OBVIOUS that you and Ms. Merkel are TOTALLY UNAWARE of the REAL WORLD – perhaps you have been indulging in too much French champagne and truffles, Belgian chocolates and other culinary delights provided through the taxes of E.U. citizens whose interests you PRETEND to represent !!


  3. I could’nt agree more with Istvan. Mr. Schultz you are running scared my friend. Hungary & Hungarians all over are pro-european. We always have been & have protected europe from many scourges that would have seen europeans killed & enslaved over hundreds of years. Most of the time we did not get so much as a thanks. We will not stand by and let Europe be destroyed by leftist little liberals like you. Merkel is poking a hornet nest. Don’t cry when you get stung.

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