2022 Hungarian parliamentary election


Ministers of fifth Orbán cabinet sworn in – pictures of the ministers

PM Orbán's 5th government was formed as its fourteen ministers took their oaths of office in parliament today:

OSCE concerns about the independence of Hungary’s media authority

Reynders said he "could not report any positive developments" concerning the state of the rule of law in Hungary, but...

New government structure approved by the Hungarian Parliament – UPDATE

A law enumerating eleven ministries in the government was approved by MPs

Orbán elected prime minister of Hungary for the fifth time – UPDATE

"Decade of danger, insecurity, warfare ahead" - PM Orbán

Leftist opposition in crisis after the lost election?

After their failure in the April general election, the coalition of opposition parties has fallen apart and, with the exception of the Democratic Coalition led by Ferenc Gyurcsány, the rivalling parties are in a state of crisis, a think-tank says. #Hungary #Hungarian #election2022 #dailynewshungary #politics #MomentumMovement #Jobbik #DK

The new government will be “significantly reshuffled”, says prime minister

Viktor Orbán shared some details about his new #government in his morning interview. #Hungary #Hungarian #dailynewshungary #ViktorOrbán #parliament