Hungarian schoolbook caused scandal, Ukraine demands its rewriting

Oleg Nikolenko said the book falsely portrays the war Russia has launched against Ukraine as an internal war.  #DailyNewsHungary #Hungary #war #WarInUkraine

Orbán sends a message to new British PM Truss

PM Orbán sends a message to new British PM #LizTruss

Czech FM: Orbán “governed” Czechia during the Babis-administration

Masses were demonstrating against the Czech government but the Czech politicians quarelled about the influence of the Hungarian prime minister. #Hungary #Hungarian #Babis #Czech #Russia #dailynewshungary #President #ViktorOrbán

VIDEO: the new American ambassador’s son is a Rubik’s cube prodigy

He is only nine years old and David Pressman said he was an avid speed-cuber. The ambassador even shared a video about his son's skills. #Hungary #Hungarian #DavidPressman #USA #embassy #dailynewshungary #video

Hungary hopes for even more gas from Gazprom next month, while peace is voiced

For the Hungarian government, the war is being escalated by those who support an invaded Ukraine against a much stronger Russia.

Hungary government proven right on key issues of recent years, says foreign minister

"All the window dressing that the western half of Europe has been doing when it comes to energy supply simply isn't sustainable with winter approaching,"