EU sanctions against Russia


No new EU proposals were made on Monday but talks would continue, says Hungarian minister

Two options: the EU pays for the changeover or there is no embargo

Meeting of EU foreign ministers: this is the latest Hungarian position on the oil embargo – UPDATE

Szijjártó calls on Brussels to 'cease arrogance' over Western Balkans

Fidesz: EU must play an active role in new international energy deals

"We need international contracts that would guarantee the energy security for our people and for our countries and..."

MEP Gyöngyösi: Time to cut our dependence on Russian energy

Russia is ready to weaponize energy against Europe. So, it is vital to cut our dependence on Russian energy as soon as possible

Oil embargo? MOL makes a huge revenue from Russian oil

Russian oil brings MOL an extra $4 million a day in revenue. #hungary #mol #oil #russia #eu #sanctions #government

A Croatian restaurant doesn’t serve Hungarians – here is why, PHOTO

Relations between Croatia and Hungary are not the best right now. Because of a harsh comment, a Croatian restaurant is now not serving Hungarians, and they are not welcome there – or are they? #hungary #croatia #relations #restaurant #tourism #history