Hungarian government is working to create an inclusive society, says official

"The Hungarian government's duty to create an inclusive society is enshrined in the Fundamental Law"

Hungarian Paralympic team bringing 16 medals home celebrated in Budapest

Congratulations! 37 Hungarian athletes had won seven gold, five silver and four bronze medals at the Tokyo Paralympic Games

Ministry: More people with disabilities have jobs

Whereas ten years ago 60,000 people with #disabilities had jobs, today that figure is 150,000 #dailynewshungary

Budapest mayor signs letter of intent on helping disabled people

December 3 - International Day of Disabled Person "Budapest must become a city with a heart." - Budapest Mayor Karácsony

Home-care subsidies should be diagnosis-based, says opposition LMP

Parents of children diagnosed with chronic illness or disability should be automatically eligible for home-care subsidies - LMP MP Ungár

More Hungarians with disabilities enter the labour market

Employers who hire Hungarians with #disabilities are exempt from the 17.5 percent payroll tax on those staff

Employment rate among Hungarians with reduced work capacity reaches 40pc

"More than 600,000 Hungarians live with some form of disability"

26 Exercises for Wheelchair Users – Infographic

Do not restrict your wellbeing to a #wheelchair! Have a look this great infographic ;)

Hungarian and Hollywood celebrities to support foundation helping the disabled

These celebrities prove that they are all just humble human beings like us :) #maciaukció2018 #fogasjörökbeegymacit #charity #is #cool #disabledpeople #teddybear #schwarzenegger #antoniobanderas

’Nagy Lépés’ courier company – entirely unique in Europe – works with disabled people in Budapest

This unique workplace in Budapest provides a job opportunity for those with autism or with disabilities.

Hungarian teenager develops robotic hand

Young Hungarian girl developed an incredibly #cheap #prototype of a #robotic hand. It would only cost about 12 Euros.

Jobbik: Opposition MPs banned from donating for charity in Hungary

Jobbik: Opposition politicians are no longer allowed to give donations to an institution for handicapped children #hungaryelection2018 #hungary #hungarian #charity #politics #jobbik

The tech breakthroughs that could empower people with disabilities

Though there are numerous ways that technology can transform the lives of people around the world

Opposition parties to launch signature drive for metro line 3 accessibility

The signature drive will have 30 days to collect 138,000 valid signatures from Budapest residents

Hungarian application gains international success

Yet another Hungarian invention to be proud of. Helping other people is cool!

Bill would cut VAT rate on braille devices to 5pc in Hungary

Great tax cuts!

Hungarian footballer participates in newly-launched UEFA campaign

Congratulations István :)

Here you can find Hungary’s first open-air integrated gym

The first integrated gym and playground of Hungary opened on June

Hungarian government to support NGOs helping people with disabilities

The tenders are open until Wednesday to organisations

Hungarian ministry condemns suspected abuse in home for disabled

"It found poor hygienic conditions, malnourishment and residents with open and untreated wounds"