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Bill would cut VAT rate on braille devices to 5pc in Hungary

Bill would cut VAT rate on braille devices to 5pc in Hungary

MPs of ruling Fidesz have submitted a bill to Parliament that would apply a preferential 5 percent VAT rate to braille writers, braille embossers and braille displays from the start of next year.

Zsolt Nyitrai, one of the bill’s authors, announced the plan on White Cane Day, established by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to raise awareness about blindness.

He noted that 86,000 Hungarians have vision impairment.

More than 73,000 have low vision and over 9,000 are blind, while 3,000 are both blind and deaf, he added.


Hungary’s main VAT rate is 27 percent.

The 5 percent rate was earlier applied to pork, fresh milk, eggs and poultry. Next year, the preferential rate will be applied to fish and internet service, too.

As we wrote on Spetember, Hungary’s government plans to cut the payroll tax by 2.5 percentage points next year rather than by 2 percent in reaction to fast wage growth.

Also we wrote before, the VAT of several restaurant services is expected to fall to 5% next year, and beer manufacturers have asked the Minister of National Economy to expand the discount to draft beer. With the support of the Kraft Beer Association, an exemplary unity was formed in the industry.

Source: MTI

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