Metro 4 fraud


Corruption in Hungary: Bribery charges raised against four in Alstom case

#Alstom case: Charges were raised against four, including two #Hungarian citizens, one #Austrian and one #American - #corruption #hungary #metro #budapest

Authorities hear five suspects in Alstom case

Government #officials called the suspected #fraud "the largest #corruption case" during the #period of Hungary's #EU #membership

Hungary ‘threatened’ with EUR 190-225m fine for metro 4 project – UPDATE

Hungary faces a fine of EUR 190-225m due to financial abuses...

Fidesz MEP: OLAF does not back opposition suspicions

Relations between OLAF and the Hungarian authorities were "proper and satisfactory"

Budapest’s corruption working group sends report to EP on metro 4

Debate about the metro 4 fraud continues

Budapest assembly approves report blaming Socialist-liberal city leadership in metro corruption case

"Socialist-liberal parties are faced with full financial, legal and moral responsibility for the corruption-tainted public procurement contracts"

Budapest council working team head: Socialists, former Liberals responsible for corruption in metro 4 project

"The metro 4 construction project was carried out under direct influence and control by the Socialist-Liberal leaders"

Metro 4 fraud: Former Budapest Mayor Demszky ‘knew about metro 4 irregularities’?

#corruption #metro4 #fraud

Jobbik to request OLAF reports on cases closed by Hungary

#Jobbik: "#OLAF had a duty to release the reports, given that no criminal proceedings had been launched in any of the cases"

Ruling Fidesz requests prosecutor’s report on investigations into metro irregularities

Ruling #Fidesz will file a written request

Former Socialist Prime Minister Medgyessy denies responsibility in metro 4 case

Metro 4 fraud

Fidesz: Former Budapest officials expected to appear before parliament’s economic committee over OLAF report

Former senior officials of Budapest are expected to appear before parliament's economic committee on Tuesday

Hungary Trends – The week in business and finance

Budapest (MTI) – See below MTI’s main business and financial news from the previous week: HUNGARY Q4 GDP GROWTH REACHES 1.6 PC Hungary’s GDP grew by […]

Former leaders stay away from parliament hearing into alleged Metro 4 project graft

Budapest, February 15 (MTI) – Péter Medgyessy, Ferenc Gyurcsány, and Gordon Bajnai, Hungary’s prime ministers before 2010, and former Budapest Mayor Gábor Demszky did not turn […]

Fidesz: Those named in OLAF report should clear themselves in parlt committee

Budapest (MTI) – Those affected by the European anti-fraud office OLAF report about the alleged fraud case concerning the construction of Budapest’s fourth metro line should […]

Government: Metro 4 case ‘textbook example of fraud’

Budapest, February 12 (MTI) – The report by the European Union’s anti-fraud office OLAF identifying corruption surrounding Hungary’s metro 4 construction project shows that the handling […]

Fidesz seeks prosecutor’s help in informing public about OLAF metro report

Budapest (MTI) – The ruling Fidesz party has reached out to Péter Polt, the chief prosecutor, requesting his help in informing the public about the details […]

Jobbik: Both Socialists, Fidesz ‘up to their necks’ in metro scandal

Budapest, February 10 (MTI) – The Socialists, now in opposition, “divided the loot” with the now-ruling Fidesz party in the metro four construction scheme, the opposition […]

Prosecutor holds talks with OLAF chief

Budapest (MTI) – Hungary’s public prosecution service is cooperating with the European anti-fraud office (OLAF) to pursue crimes that harm the European Union’s financial interests, Péter […]

Weekly government press briefing: Metro fraud, abortions, fostered workers and migration

Budapest, February 9 (MTI) – János Lázár, the government office chief, has called Budapest’s metro 4 construction “the gravest corruption case” in the past few decades. […]