Nearly 5% of Hungary’s GDP was saved in offshore accounts

The Hungarian tax system is pretty favourable, but the wealthiest still use offshore accounts. #offshore #money

These secret funds are managed by the richest in Hungary

We now know where the money is, just not where it is from and exactly whose it is. #politics #money #dailynewshungary

Opposition Párbeszéd, LMP demand hearings on govt residency bond scheme

The #threshold for the #residency #bond #purchase was set at 250,000 euros early in the #scheme and raised to 300,000 euros later on

Opposition initiates 90 pc tax on ‘off-shore’ residency bond sellers

The state of #Hungary had raised 517 billion forints through the scheme #migration #residencybond #tax

MN: Hungarian secretary of state has 5M dollars in a secret bank account in Belize

According to #Magyar Nemzet, #Secretary of State for Development, #Climate Policy and Priority #Public Services, Zsolt SzabĂł and his wife own an #offshore #company registered in #Belize. #Hungary #Hungarian #Government #corruption #rollingdollars #

Head of Cabinet Rogán’s residency bond business is full of irregularities

After processing all the documents in connection with #government’s #residency bond program, states that it is full of #irregularities. #hungary #hungarian #corruption #residency bond #program #offshore #business

Jobbik lawmaker denies claims that the party stigmatises Roma and gays

Do you find the way Jobbik talks about these minorities to be offensive?

Dialogue party seeks to ban officials from offshore deals

Reflecting on the Paradise Papers

Opposition parties warn of residency bond ‘national security risks’

Budapest, September 6 (MTI) – Opposition parties on Tuesday said the country’s residency bond scheme carried risks after a newspaper report suggesting a foreign criminal had […]

Authorities probe almost 900 companies with ties to Hungary revealed in Panama Papers

Budapest, June 27 (MTI) – Hungary’s National Investigation Office has scrutinised almost 900 offshore companies with ties to Hungary revealed in the leaked Panama Papers, daily […]

Parliament holds debate on offshore business

Budapest, May 30 (MTI) – Hungary’s parliament held a debate on offshore business on the initiative of the opposition LMP party on Monday. In the debate, […]

Opposition slams central bank for deals with offshore businesses

Budapest (MTI) – The central bank and its foundations are doing business with offshore companies including property purchases and the bank has become a “five-star hotel […]

Panama files: the richest Hungarians included reports that further Hungarians were involved in the offshore scandal as more names on the Panama lists became revealed. Sándor Csányi, CEO of OTP had […]

LMP initiates parliamentary debate about offshore businesses

Budapest, April 16 (MTI) – The opposition LMP party has initiated a debate in parliament about measures that could eliminate offshore businesses in Hungary and proposals […]

Investigator teams to seek Hungarian implications of Panama Papers

Budapest (MTI) – Police and the tax and excise office will set up special teams to investigate exclusively Hungarian involvement in the international offshore “Panama Papers” […]

Panama’s offshore scandal: Hungarians are also involved reports that 11.5 million documents about offshore companies was leaked on Sunday from a law firm in Panama. The documents were acquired by a German […]

Fidesz and leftist opposition demand transparency of politicians’ offshore implication – UPDATE

Budapest, April 5 (MTI) – The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition has urged that all politicians should make a public declaration if they are involved in any […]