Budapest, April 5 (MTI) – The leftist opposition Democratic Coalition has urged that all politicians should make a public declaration if they are involved in any offshore businesses. The Jobbik party has filed charges with the public prosecutor in connection with Hungarian suspects in light of the recent “Panama Papers” revelations.

Referring to press reports, DK spokesman Zsolt Gréczy told a press conference on Tuesday that two Hungarian politicians have been named in connection with the recent offshore scandal.

Gréczy suggested that the asset declarations of spouses or partners of parliamentarians should be made public, to reveal if they are implicated. He also noted that all DK’s leaders and deputies have signed declarations stating that neither them nor their partners have any such business.

The Dialogue for Hungary (PM) party demanded that all parties should expel members implicated in the offshore scandal or involved in any economic crimes.

Bence Tordai proposed that revenues from offshore businesses should be burdened with a 30 percent withholding tax, while private individuals should pay a tax on such revenues even if those amounts are not paid out.

Jobbik to file charges tied to offshore scandal

Jobbik lawmaker Gyorgy Szilagyi told a news conference on Tuesday that former Fidesz lawmaker Zsolt Horváth and former Socialist MP Laszlo Boldvai were implicated in the allegations concerning the improper use of offshore companies. He said Jobbik demands an investigation.

Szilagyi insisted that the ruling Fidesz party and the opposition Socialists had “equally robbed the country” over the past 26 years, lavishing gifts to their “pals” using taxpayer money.


The ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats said the opposition Socialists have been “caught once again” in the international offshore scandal. “This is not the first time: ever since the case of Gábor Simon, we have been aware that they were involved in such activities”, Christian Democrat lawmaker István Hollik said. The offshore scandal has revealed that former Socialist treasurer László Boldvai had a company registered in Samoa in his wife’s name with the purpose of hiding funds, he added. This also shows that the opposition is “full of corruption cases” and “the Socialists cannot give account of this up to this day”, he said.


Socialist leader József Tóbiás said Boldvai had suspended his Socialist party membership, stating that press reports about his company were true and he did not wish to be a burden on the party.


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