Presidential election 2017


Parliament to vote on the next Hungarian president on Monday

Fidesz: Ruling parties have nominated János Áder for president, George Soros, the Hungarian-born US billionaire, is behind the candidacy of László Majtényi

Együtt supports former ombudsman’s candidacy for president

The judiciary aspects of his programme are in complete accord with Együtt's approach

DK leadership backs Majtényi’s nomination for president

"Majtényi stands for a more tolerant, supportive, greener republic and will fight against discrimination and corruption"

Fidesz-KDNP supports Áder’s candidacy for president, Socialists nominate former ombudsman

Visegrád, February 16 (MTI) – Lawmakers of the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrats party alliance unanimously support the candidacy of incumbent President Janos Ader for another five-year term, […]

Fidesz-KDNP parliamentary group session to address migration, nomination of president, NGO funding

Budapest (MTI) – The parliamentary group of allied ruling Fidesz-KDNP will gather in Visegrád, in northern Hungary, to discuss issues of migration, preparations for next year’s […]

Jobbik declines to come up with nominee for president

Budapest (MTI) – The opposition Jobbik party will not nominate anyone for Hungary’s next president; the party maintains its position that the president should be elected directly […]