Average Budapest apartment price rose by 50 percent

The average price of apartments has spiked dramatically in Budapest. What can we find for HUF 30 million (EUR 80,486.90)? #dailynewshungary #hungary #budapest #apartment #flat #house #price #realestate

Huge debts: Chinese megabanks financed the government’s purchase of Vodafone

The purchase of Vodafone cost the Hungarian state EUR 1.75 billion. Where did that money come from? #hungary #dailynewshungary #vodafone #china

IKEA’s price increase wave hits Hungarian stores

The price increase will potentially affect most of their portfolio 🛋️📈🇭🇺 #inflation #price #demand #ikea #furniture #hungary #dailynewshungary

Company of PM Orbán’s son-in-law buys majority shares in Gránit Bank

The entirely Hungarian-owned financial institution is the fastest-growing #bank in the domestic banking sector. 🇭🇺🏦💵 #Hungary #bdpstgroup #money #transaction #dailynewshungary

Surprising answer: what home could you buy for €140,000 in Hungary?

What could you buy for that much in your country? ??? #realestate #apartment #money #home #property #investment #hungary #dailynewshungary

The best times to sell estates in Hungary

It is not all the same when you sell your housing

OTP introducing a new mobile payment service

You can touch this – to pay for the purchase.

IKEA opening it largest store in Hungary and coming up with a new idea

Furniture buying becomes more comfortable than ever, but we must still leave home for the meatballs.

What Hungarians look for when buying property

What are the most important factors?

A prestigious bath in Budapest is said to be bought by Chinese investors

24.hu reports that a major Chinese investor is said to open the Rác bath and the hotel next to it, in Budapest, as the purchase price […]

Nations outside the EU buy properties in Hungary

VS.hu states that buyers from non-EU countries, mainly from Russia and China look for real estates in the more expensive and refined locations.  Many of them aim […]

You can pay by Bitcoin for taxi in Budapest

According to portfolio.hu, it is estimated that the Bitcoins in Hungary are worth 8 million HUF , but the crypto money is hard to be spent. […]

Mol buys Agip

Mol Group signed an agreement on the purchase of Eni Hungaria Zrt., which operates 183 fuel stations under the brand Agip in Hungary and it is […]