Anyone living in Budapest or Budaörs knows IKEA and its iconic meatballs for sure. The Swedish furniture shop is well-known for its professional advertising techniques that do not let anyone return from their premises with empty hands. Now they have opened their third shop in Soroksár, and it is bigger than any other so far.

One of the first innovations with which a customer meets when stepping into the new shop – according to – is the café, which offers new types of pastries like éclair doughnut, the caramel cake with pear and the new Swedish apple cake. Of course, an IKEA is not a real IKEA without the restaurant with the meatballs and some other Scandinavian specialties, so this is also present in the new spot.

Still, the real improvement cannot be found here physically, only while browsing the web. According to, the Swedish enterprise has never been involved in online purchasing like other companies. This has changed: IKEA began to discuss online merchandising with multiple potential partners, including Amazon.

The main reason of the innovation is the ever-growing competition, which made IKEA reconsider some of its commercial strategies. Among others, they are planning to cooperate with other department stores to adapt to customers’ demands. Purchasing through Amazon is probable IKEA’s greatest deal this year, as it might make purchasing furniture and other accessories much more comfortable.


The bad news for meatball lovers is that, though sauces can be bought through the new online system, the balls themselves are still only available in the stores. Internet cannot solve everything, unfortunately.

It is notable that, in the past fiscal year, IKEA’s online sells produced a 30 percent of increase – namely 1.4 billion euros – which was still only a fragment of the 34.2 billion euros of the total revenue.

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