Portfolio.hu and origo.hu report that the construction of the third Hungarian IKEA has already begun: the foundation stone was placed in Soroksár on Tuesday. This store is going to be the biggest in the country so far.

IKEA has been present in Hungary for 26 years, and in the spring of 2017 a third store is to be opened, thus, among the stores in Budaörs and at Örs vezér Square, customers will become able to visit and shop their favourite furniture in Soroksár as well.

The new blue-yellow store will be 34 thousand square metre big and the factors of sustainability and energy efficiency are kept in mind during the construction. Moreover, Niclas Trouvé, Swedish ambassador to Hungary said that, as IKEA represents all the good things about Sweden – e.g. colours of the flag, delicious foods of Swedish cuisine – the stores appear as kind of embassies.

Also, Trouvé said that where IKEA appears usually other companies do so, too, which is rather important from an economical point of view. Besides, Ferenc Geiger, mayor of Soroksár stated that the investment is going to reduce unemployment: about 300 people are expected to work there and quite the same number of suppliers will be employed after the store is opened.

So the new IKEA is a great opportunity for Soroksár to boost employment rates and increase revenues, especially because the money issued to local councils from the budget have decreased, therefore, successful investments play significant roles in the lives of the settlements.

According to reports, IKEA turnover rose by 5% in the previous business year (that ended in August): it rose to 31.9 billion EUR, and the net profit also increased by 5.6%, to 3.5 billion EUR.

Photos: facebook.com/IKEAHU

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