According to, National Saving Funds (OTP) has introduced a new service which is available exclusively for its customers.

The finance institute is constantly developing its capacities in the field of mobile payment, and the Simple application is a result of this.

The recent years brought vast improvements in Hungary: 2016 was the first year when the number of simplepay transactions exceeded the traditional ones. There are currently 1.2 million smartphones in Hungary that are capable of simplepay. At this rate, this service will be available for more and more smartphones.

OTB Bank realized this tendency, so they initiated the Simple application for their customers. The application received a new design and user interface this summer. The tiles were replaced with arrangable cards.

In order to make the application the most user friendly possible, the user responses were taken into consideration.

One needs a NFC compatible smartphone with at least an Android 4.4 operational system to use the new application.

The greatest novelty in this new system is that the customers may connect their PIN code with the unlock code of the apparatus. This means that you only need to unlock your phone if you want to pay, and you can touch it immediately. This process does not even need internet connection, works well offline, too.

How to use Simple payment?

  1. First, you have to download Simple application.
  2. You have to register your OTP MasterCard or Maestro credit card in the Credit Cards menu.
  3. You will receive a text message to your phone that your number became registered in OTP’s system, then you will receive a confirmation code. If you do not have a number registered in OTP’s system, then it will execute a transaction of 100 forints (about 0.33 euros).
  4. After entering the code, it will take a couple of minutes to digitalize your card.
  5. Turn NFC on on your phone.
  6. It will be noted that simplepay was activated.
  7. Set Simple as the primary paying application.

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