Hungarian autonomy commissioner to Romanians: “don’t believe your politicians!”

Integration of the Transylvanian Hungarian community into the Romania mainstream, in the absence of collective rights, would only amount to assimilation, the autonomy commissioner said. #Hungary #Hungarian #autonomy #Romania #dailynewshungary #KatalinSzili #Transylvania #Szeklerland

Hungarian foreign ministry slams Romania top court decision on Targu Mures secondary school

"In the 21st century, schools should be opened instead of closed"

Romania Hungarians to declare nationality in census, says RMDSZ

"If the Romanian state sees Hungarians in Romania as a robust community, it will have a different approach to them"

Easter Monday: the tradition of sprinkling among Hungarians – Photos, VIDEO

One of the most popular and spectacular Hungarian folk customs - PHOTOS, VIDEO

Wonderful Easter in Szeklerland: thousands of people attended the food consecration – Photos

Tradition is what holds a nation together. Respect for Easter in Szeklerland:

Transylvanian Hungarians support Orbán cabinet policies, says RMDSZ leader Kelemen

"Hungarians living beyond the borders, including in Transylvania, support the government's policies for their communities" #rmdsz #udmr #romania #szeklerland #transylvania #hungary