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Taxify, the Estonian-founded start-up has launched its service in Debrecen, Hungary’s second biggest city, and already operates from the beginning of October 2018.

What makes Taxify easy to use is its mobile application, which allows passengers to see taxi drivers’ positions on an interactive map, and thus makes hailing a taxi cab very easy.

Also, when people use Google Maps on their smartphone not only can they see Taxify as an optional way of transport among others (tram, bus and trolley lines), but the app also predicts an estimated cost of the service, shows the driver’s exact location and the predictable time of arrival. To make payments, easier passengers can transfer money by credit card, which makes a good impression, especially among smartphone app-users.

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Why exactly Debrecen?

The company exists today in 50 cities in the world. After Tallinn, Melbourne and Paris they appeared in 2016 in the Hungarian capital city only with about 20 cab drivers initially. Now it operates with 600 drivers and is already a successful member of the taxicab market with 64.8 million Forint net profits (in 2017).

Taxify has launched the business in Debrecen with the strong belief of success, according to,

Taxify hopes to contribute to the city’s prosperous economy and also to the growing domestic and foreign investments business sector. On the other hand, they see a promising future in Debrecen because of the city’s many app-users, especially foreign and Hungarian university students, and businesspeople.

Taxify charges 600 Ft service fee (basic), 280 Ft fee per km and 70 Ft per minute extra fee.

translated by Ádám Horváth



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