Plovdiv, 2017. július 15. Lucz Dóra, Medveczky Erika, Takács Tamara, Vad Ninetta (j-b) örül az aranyéremnek a nõi kajak négyesek 500 méteres döntõjének eredményhirdetésén a plovdivi kajak-kenu Európa-bajnokságon 2017. július 15-én. MTI Fotó: Kovács Tamás

Head Coach Csaba Hüttner said after the 2017 Canoe European Championships ended in Plovdiv on Sunday: the Hungarian national team has surpassed all expectations by winning 10 gold, 3 silver and 3 bronze medals finishing at the top of the medal table.

“We’ve earned sixty Olympic points and have won five gold medals in Olympic events, which is one of the best results of all time”, said Csaba Hüttner on Sunday to M1 channel’s “Tonight” show.

According to the head coach a new generation emerged in Hungarian canoe sport and the young athletes have surpassed all expectations.

“It was expected that at some point this new generation would break through a barrier,” Hüttner said recalling that these young kayakers already excelled in international junior competitions in recent years.

“I expect that they will be even better at the upcoming World Cup” the head coach said.

Let’s say it load and clear: Here in Plovdiv, Hungarian kayakers smashed the international field.

I raise my hat before all Hungarian coaches who prepared these young athletes for the tournament said Hüttner.

Sunday’s results

Dóra Lucz wins gold medal in women’s K-1 200m

1. LUCZ DÓRA (Hungary) 39.317 mp
2. Emma Jörgensen (Denmark) 39.357
3. Spela Ponomarenko (Slovenia) 39.697

Dóra Lucz
Dóra Lucz

Dóra Bodonyi wins gold medel in women’s K-1 5000m

1. BODONYI DÓRA (Hungary) 21:40.570 p
2. Eva Barrios (Spain) 21:41.110
3. Tabea Medert (Germany) 21:41.230

Dóra Bodonyi
Tamara Takács wins gold medal in women’s K-1 500m
Márk Balaska and Balázs Birkás win gold medal in men’s K-2 200m

Bence Nádas and Sándor Tótka win gold medal in men’s K-2 500m

Bence Nádas and Sándor Tótka
Bence Nádas and Sándor Tótka

Bence Horváth wins silver medal in men’s K-1 200m

1. Liam Heath (GB) 33.380 mp
2. HORVÁTH BENCE (Hungary) 33.455
3. Marko Dragosavljevic (Serbia) 33.947

Bence Horváth

Jonathan Hajdu and Ádám Fekete win bronze medal in mens C-2 200m

Bálint Kopasz wins bronze medal in men’s K-1 500m

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