This summer was centered around water sports in many ways. First, Budapest held the FINA World Championships, then our kayakers and canoers achieved amazing results at the European Championships and the World Championships. To crown this, the Hungarian junior swimmers dazzled us with their memorable performance at the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships held in Indianapolis last week.

Some members of the Hungarian junior team have already been in the spotlight for a few years, some of them introduced themselves at the elite championships, while others debuted now. We knew that the second-line was strong, but no one expected such an outstanding performance.

According to, Team Hungary finished the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships with 16 medals – five gold, eight silver and three bronze – which put us in the fourth place of the medal table. This is incredible considering that only the USA, Canada, and Japan came before us.

The men’s 4x100m freestyle relay team (Kristóf Milák, Márton Barta, Richárd Márton and Nándor Németh) started the championships with a beautiful gold medal, which was also the first Hungarian gold medal in the history of the World Junior Championships. Previously that day, Balázs Holló won a silver medal in the 400m freestyle event.

On the second day, Nándor Németh went on by winning his second medal – a silver this time – in the final of the 200m freestyle. Ajna Késely swam the best time of her life in the final of the 800m freestyle, which meant a silver medal as well. But the happiest was probably Márton Barta who grabbed the bronze medal with a sensational tactic in the final of the 200m medley.

Ajna Késely – Photo:ÚszóSzövetség

Kristóf Milák won the 100m butterfly event the next day, which made him the first Hungarian individual junior world champion. This was followed by Dávid Lakatos’ silver medal and a perfect tactic in the 800m freestyle.

Kristóf Milák – Photo:ÚszóSzövetség

Ajna Késely continued to collect medals and imperiously won the final of the 400m freestyle. What happened next was unbelievable and probably the most memorable moment at the championships. The men’s 4x200m freestyle relay team (Richárd Márton, Kristóf Milák, Balázs Holló and Nándor Németh) set a new junior world record and defeated the American team with one-hundredth of a second (!).

The winner relay team – Photo:ÚszóSzövetség
Golden boys – photo:ÚszóSzövetség

In one of her final events, the 1500 m freestyle, Ajna Késely won a silver medal, while Kristóf Milák won a bronze medal in the 50m butterfly, and Márton Barta and Balázs Holló won a silver and bronze medal in the 400m medley.

Milák, Barta, Holló – Photo:ÚszóSzövetség

Team Hungary topped everything off on the final day. Nándor Németh finished in second place in the 100m freestyle, just like Ajna Késely in the 200m freestyle. Furthermore, Kristóf Milák won the 200m butterfly event with the best result of the whole championships, thus also becoming the most successful Hungarian athlete.


Featured image:ÚszóSzövetség

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