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In the world of the Internet, you can easily get anything, including steroids. Today’s young people spend a significant part of the day on the Internet, so it is not a problem for them to order anabolics online directly to their home. This results in a huge increase in doping users among non-professional athletes and young people in general. Mostly among boys, but even women are no exception nowadays.

During the first few uses, we usually notice only a positive effect of steroids, so we persuade friends to do so and they persuade their other friends again, it’s an avalanche effect. After more frequent use of steroids, even the negative effects begin to appear. At first, these are rather minor negatives due to reduced production of testosterone. Such as: lower libido, fatigue, etc.

One should start taking steroids ideally after consulting a sports doctor, or an experienced bodybuilder, who already has something behind him. It is completely inappropriate for a 15-year-old boy to ask his 17-year-old friend how to use these substances. Unfortunately, today this is an increasingly common sad reality that we can notice in local fitness centers. Leaving aside the complete uselessness of steroid use by non-professional athletes, the big problem is that these uninformed amateurs use these substances poorly, either in inappropriate dosing or meaningless cycles, often without “PCT”. PCT – Post cycle therapy includes substances that are taken immediately after discontinuation of anabolics or some even during their use. These substances are supposed to return the funcke bodies to normal. For example, tamoxifen prevents gynecomastia – the growth of the mammary gland, clenbuterol prevents muscle catabolism after stopping anabolics, Clomid and HCG return to normal testosterone production in the testes. These substances are the basis for your body to recover as quickly as possible after demanding hormonal therapy and return to normal. Definitely never miss a good PCT. If you want to save on that, you should never even try steroids! It will only have negative effects for you and you will lose all the muscles you gain during the cycle anyway.

If you still decide to try steroids, first after the end of development and growth. This age cannot be precisely defined. Based on DNA, growth ends differently in each person. However, at the age of 21 at the earliest, so take this as the lower limit.

However, some parts of our body can develop up to 25 years. Therefore, it is good to start doping only then. For example, the brain develops within 25 years and steroids could have an adverse effect on its development.

What you should know:

You should know that the endocrine system of the HPTA body is made up primarily of three glands. The hormone releases gonadotropin (GnRH) is released and produced in the hypothalamus. GnRH is a peptide hormone that is synthesized and released by neurons in the Hypothalam. The pituitary gland produces the hormone LH – luteinizing hormone and follicles that stimulate the hormone FSH. Gonads produce estrogen (women) and testosterone (men). This HPTA axis is functional in all animals and controls development, reproduction and aging.

This axis of the three HPTA organs is considered by edocrinologists to be a very complexly sensitive whole, which is responsible for very complex processes in the body. As mentioned above, steroids disrupt the natural production and functioning of hormonal glands in the body. Using them can permanently damage the HPTA. This risk is even higher if anabolics are used during the physical development stage. The HPTA endocrine gland axis should be fully developed after 25 years of age. Thus, from now on, steroids can be used with less but still a significant degree of risk.

Before taking steroids, it is advisable to do a blood test and find out your natural testostern level and then constantly check it during the cycle and especially after it is over, so that you have an overview of how you are doing. 

Testosterone is responsible for the growth and function of the primary sexual characteristics – the growth of the penis and secondary male sexual characteristics such as hair, deepening of the voice in puberty, etc.

The female sex hormones estrogen and progesterone are responsible for the development of secondary sex hormones in women and the preparation of the body for childbirth.

Androgen generally means a natural or synthetic substance that is responsible for the management or development of the male body.


Finally, I would like to add that if you decide to use anabolics, because in today’s world, the attractiveness of large muscles and bodies is very high, then please follow at least the basic rules of dosage and use. Side effects usually occur very slowly and over a long period of time, so we may not notice them at all at first.

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