According to the British newspaper Telegraph, Budapest is the cheapest destination in Europe to buy alcoholic drinks, Post Office research wrote.

The analysts examined the prices of 10 different drinks, wines, beers, cocktails etc. in popular tourist destinations. According to the results, drinks cost half as much in Budapest as in places like Amsterdam or Ibiza.

In the Hungarian capital, you can buy a glass of white wine and a bottle of lager less than one pound (91p and 88p). The most expensive drinks in the city are cocktails, such as Mojito and Cosmopolitan. They cost GBP 3.75. A round of then different drinks cost GBP     19.76 in total, Telegraph said.

The Czech capital, Prague finished second. In this city, a bottle of beer is GBP 1.97 and a glass of white wine is GBP 1.41. All ten drinks cost GBP 25.91 in total.

If you don’t want to travel to Eastern Europe, the cheapest city in the west is Amsterdam. Ten drinks came a total of GBP 41.27 here, which is 13% cheaper than Paris, Telegraph said.

In Ibiza, the price depends on what you’d like to drink. A bottle of beer costs GBP 2.60, while gin and tonics cost GBP 6.69.

According to Telegraph, the most expensive city was Dublin. It costs GBP 55.65 for the 10 beverages in the Irish capital. For example, a glass of champagne is nearly 9 pounds, which is about a four times much than in Budapest or Prague.

Andrew Brown (Post Office) said the surging value of sterling makes the European cities cheaper for the British, and city breaks are very popular among people under 35. The expert said this has led to big increases in sales of currency. For example, the sales of Hungarian forint have risen by 163% since 2010. He added, however, it’s also important to calculate not just the price of drinks, but the cost of flights and accommodation as well.

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