Without a doubt, Hungarian customs and traditions have no match in the world, and this statement is 100% true if it comes to weddings and the celebration following them. The older generation usually expects the younger one to keep the old traditions during the ceremony, but many young Hungarians decide to leave them behind because they cannot stand or understand them. 

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Alice’s Wedding World now collected the top ten Hungarian wedding traditions the young generations cannot stand. 

Stealing the bride

Today, it is simply a joke, but it was taken seriously back in the day. It was believed that if the bride is successfully stolen, then the groom does not deserve her at all. 

The bouquet

A nightmare for single women. Some women cannot wait to catch the bouquet – or today, there is a replica which is usually made for weddings -, while men probably pray for their girlfriend not to grab it. The situation is the same with the garter.

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Breaking plates

According to traditions, if the happily married couple breaks some plates during dinner, evil souls will avoid them for the rest of their life. Cleaning the broken pieces is also their task, but honestly, do you want to clean at your wedding? 

The crazy bride

This tradition involves a man who decided to dress up as the craziest and ugliest bride, trying to seduce the groom. 

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Dancing with the bride

Dancing with every single person at a wedding is not the most comfortable and most desired task of a bride. Old traditions involve a metal plate that is constantly hit by a wooden spoon to make a loud noise. How pleasant! 

Holding the bride in your arms

While you romantically hold your beloved bride in your arms to take her into the house where you start a new life, she is probably thinking about her weight…

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Cutting the cake

How to hold the knife? Whose hand is on top? Young people probably do not pay attention to these details, but the members of the older generation certainly do.

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When cars drive on the streets, honking and making the town or city as loud as possible is not as pleasant for the married couple as we might think.

Drinking from the shoes

If someone steals the bride’s shoes, she can only get them back if the groom drinks champagne from it first. No, thank you.

Rolling eggs

This tradition involves the bride rolling eggs around inside the groom’s trousers. But why…

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  1. About half of them are not Hungarian traditions. Also, in some of those the others, essential information missing that would tell the reasons for those customs. See: dancing with the bride, or the crazy bride – both of them had the very practical point to collect money for the newly-wed couple.

    A blog writing random information without knowledge about the subject is probably not the best source for a site specialized in making Hungary and Hungarian culture known. There are much better ones, if one is willing to do a bit of research. Kedves Gergely, may I recommend a few great references? (I studied some Ethnography):
    1. the entire Encyclopedia of Hungarian Ethnography (Magyar Néprajzi Lexikon) is available on the net for free.
    2. Magyar népszokások (Dömötör Tekla).
    3. Magyar Néprajz, here is the chapter on weddings:

  2. Very well said— thank you for pointing out half of the traditions are not Hungarian.

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