Transylvania is a wonderful region in Romania, and those who have been there could not agree more. If you have not been there, some places are absolute must-see attractions.

We have published several articles before about the beauties of Transylvania, but this time we would like to bring you ten interesting facts you did not know about this magical place, according to the article of Magyarországom.

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The origin of the Hungarian name of Transylvania

Transylvania in Hungarian is called Erdély. Linguists discovered that the origin of this word comes from the Hungarian word ‘erdő’, which means forest, and more specifically, from ‘erdő-elő’ (might be translated as the moment you have not reached the forest yet). The Latin ‘Transylvania’ is the opposite, meaning ‘erdőn-túl’ (after you left the forest). 

The legend of Dracula is based on true historical facts

Probably everyone is familiar with the story and legend of the dreaded Count Dracula who lived in Transylvania. This vampire story is based on true events, though. Count Vlad Tepes (or Vlad III, Vlad the Impaler) was the resident of the castle 30 km away from Brasov where Count Dracula lived. 

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Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Hohum

The legend of Dracula is still just a legend

Despite the facts about the world’s most famous vampire story, it is still just a simple legend. Bram Stoker, writer of the famous Dracula novels, has never been to Hungary, nor to Romania, although this still does not mean that Stoker made the whole story up. The character of Dracula comes from Ármin Vámbéry, a Hungarian explorer. 

Törcsvár, Dracula, Transilvania, Hungary
Photo: Wikimedia Commons by Clay Gilliland

The area of Transylvania

If Transylvania was an independent state, it would be bigger than Portugal, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and Hungary.

The legendary pálinka

Some say that the best pálinka, the legendary Hungarian alcoholic drink, comes from Transylvania. To read about this special Hungarian speciality, click HERE.

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The world’s most beautiful trail

The Transzfogarasi Trail is 90-km-long and probably one of the most marvellous trails in the whole world. By crossing 578 bridges over smaller and bigger rivers, visitors can admire amazing mountains, valleys, and forests.

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Small Siberia

Transylvania has some regions where the temperature is not just simply cold but extremely cold. In Széklerland, there are valleys where the temperature during the winter season is approximately minus 30 degrees Celsius.

Watch out for the bears

In Transylvania, approximately five thousand bears live in the forests. The reason behind this is that in the whole Carpathian Basin, Transylvania is the region with the biggest remaining natural habitat of bears. In some cases, people see these animals, and sometimes there are reports of fatal incidents as well.

Bear Hungary Mátra

The Danube vs. the Tisza

Besides the River Olt, all the other rivers flow into the Danube in Transylvania.

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Famous hospitality

Transylvanian people are famous for their endless love and hospitality. Whenever they have visitors, they offer them food and the famous Hungarian pálinka. 

Featured image: Mónika Báró, Photographer – Tropical Magazine


  1. You mean: all the rivers flow into the Tisza – except Olt.
    It would be also worth to mention the rich cultural traditions: music, dancing, architecture, embroidery etc.

  2. I lived in Transylvania for several years. And yes, unique and well worth spending time there. It is especially hospitable.

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