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What to expect if you want to rent a flat in a Hungarian university town? The good news is, according to, that they are remarkably cheaper than in the capital. Eduline went through the advertisements of Szeged, Győr, Debrecen and Budapest.

Rental fees in Győr


In Győr, you can find a 30-40-square meter flat for about 50-60 000 forints (~200 euros). However, if you want to rent a similar one in the centre, the price could increase to 90-100 000 forints (~330 euros)per month, states.

The prices in Szeged

According to, a normal-condition flat for one person is let for about HUF 50 000, but if you are ready to pay the price worth a sublease in Győr, you could find quite nice and well-equipped ones in Szeged. If three of you move to such a flat, the rental fee would cost you even 25 000 forints per capita, because the fee of a 50-60-square-meter flat can cost approximately 70-80 000 forints (~260 euros) per month.

How much do they cost in Debrecen?

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Those who intend to live by their own can rent a flat for 60-80 000 forints, writes. For this sum of money, you can rent a flat – not renovated, but in a good condition – in the centre. This is surprising, because, based on the advertisements, a flat of almost the same size has somewhat more favourable price in Győr and Szeged. Larger flats can be found for 70 000 forints, but the fee of a sublease of similar size can go up over 90 000 forints (~300 euros). Foreign students may be requested to pay even 150 000 faints per month, added.

And what about the capital?


In the 8th district of Budapest – which is quite popular among foreign students despite mostly being called a „ghetto” – the fee of a furnished, 30-40-square-meter renovated flat can be about 90-120 000 forints (~400 euros), but, depending on the location and on the quality of the furniture, the fee may increase up to about 150 000 forints (~500 euros), writes.

As for Buda, the 11st district is the most popular one, where there is a big supply. However, it is impossible to find a 30-40-square-meter flat for less than 100 000 forints per month. Moreover, many advertisements do not include any photos, which may suggest poor conditions.

Those who are OK with the distance and intend to live alone can find a one-room flat in Újpest or Káposztásmegyer for about 80-90 000 forints per month. Flats of about 50-60-squre-meters can be rented for 110-130 000 forints (~430 euros). highlights that it is worth learning about the fees and the opportunities on more websites – for example, on forums – because the present survey is quite subjective.

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