teqball ronaldinho

Ronaldinho and Puyol, the two football legends hyped the new, mobile Teq LITE table on the streets of the Hungarian capital.

The legendary ex-footballer of the Catalan club revealed the new Teq LITE table at the Teqball World Championship in Budapest. Technical demonstrations continued on the streets of the capital city. Ronaldinho and his star mates, Carles Puyol, Nuno Gomez, Simeo Sabrosa and William Gallas presented a Teqball showcase at Heroes’ Square and the Buda Castle district. The new sports equipment could bring a real breakthrough in promoting all Teq-sports, like Teqball, Teqis, Teqpong, Qatch and Teqvoly.

Wherever the cheerful stars appeared, a crowd gathered around them in no time.


The audience was equally dazzled by the amazing passes and the stars themselves, as well as the speedy set-up of the Teqball tables. The third member of the innovative Teq tables passed the test with flying colors. Its secret lies in its mobile, but massive structure, the stabilizing safety lock and the four large (diameter: 250mm) wheels.

The new Teq Lite table is designed not just for indoor, but also outdoor use as its fiberglass reinforced polyester tabletop is waterproof and moreover withstands UV rays. Its multifunctionality is supported by foldability providing easier storage as it requires less space when stored if both sides are folded-up.

According to the manufacturers, the Teq LITE table further accelerates the spread of rapidly growing Teq sports.

It will attract more and more people around the world to try their Teq-skills as it is more affordable for conventional users, while it remains devoted to the heritage of Teq ONE, retaining the excitement and great diversity of the game.

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