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Hungarians rose up against the inhuman communist regime in October, 1956, and the country of 10 million people defeated the domineering Soviet Union of 200 million people for 13 days! If you never heard about the Hungarian revolution of 1956, than you can watch this video to learn about it:


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  1. Ghandi’s peaceful resistance movement was by all means morally superior to and more effective than the 1956 Hungarian revolition!

  2. Among other young and older people I also was demonstrating in Budapest on 23th October 1956. On that day we “simple people” did not even dream that we managed to make history. I was a university student. Unfortunately a few days later two friends of our were shot dead inspite of the fact that they did not take part in the fights. They helped a few old ladys cross a road and when they came back either a Soviet soldier or an armed man of the Hungarian AVO (an acronym of the State security police of the Stalinist dictatorsip in Hungary) shot both of them dead. They wore red-cross armbands because two days before we had given blood in a hospital in Budapest.

  3. Yes, Ghandi’s peaceful resistance was superior indeed but the Soviet superpower was more brutal than the British one had been, I think. Or am I mistaken?

  4. I totally disagree with Anonymous. I was a student in Paris in 1968, during the early days of the Vietnam war. I recall sitting with a bunch of American students in a café and there was loud criticism of the USA and the war with lots of delusional talk about peace. Finally an old French gentleman, who was sitting at a table near us, came over and said in broken English that we knew nothing and were just a bunch of stupid children. He told us that there are more important things than peace, like liberty and freedom. He told us that the people of Paris could not wait to hear the guns of war in the distance in 1944 because it meant freedom. The group of students, who have never experienced a loss of freedom or the fight for liberty just sat there silently. I will never forget that.

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