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Budapest is not the only city in Hungary where you can have a unique dining experience and get a taste of the delicious Hungarian cuisine. Dining Guide assembled a list of the 10 best restaurants in the countryside. The competition is harder each year not only in Budapest but in the countryside as well. reported on the ten best restaurants specified on Dining Guide‘s list.

Anyukám Mondta in Encs


This restaurant is run by two brothers, Szabolcs and Szilárd Dudás. Their restaurant is well-known all over the country, even though it is located in a hidden, small town in the countryside. The brothers mixed Hungarian cuisine with the gastronomical knowledge they gained in Italy and in the United States, and they created a restaurant which uses top-quality Italian ingredients but at the same time offers Hungarian classics on the menu such as fried chicken, stuffed cabbage or bean soup with sour cream.

Platán in Tata

platán restaurant tata

This restaurant is run by chef István Pesti. They use quality Hungarian ingredients, and they offer such traditional dishes as hurka (a Hungarian black pudding-like sausage) or quail, but guests can also find stake and clams on the menu. They also aim to grow everything they use in their own garden.

Kistücsök in Balatonszemes

Lake Balaton restaurants

This restaurant is characterised by an honest Hungarian contemporary cuisine. It is run by Balázs Csapody who is a prominent figure in the gastronomical world of the Balaton region. The restaurant is constantly supporting and working together with local producers.

Tiszavirág in Szeged

Tiszavirág restaurant Szeged

This restaurant is said to be the very best of the Southern part of the Great Hungarian Plain. Attila Kurucz is the chef who respects Hungarian traditions and represents local values. Attila also won this year’s Innovative Kitchen award. The creatively put together menu offers a wide selection of meat dished. They pay extra attention to the serving of each food, which is always exceptionally aesthetic.

Sauska in Villány

Sauska restaurant villány

Attila Bicsár created the so-called “loose pageant gourmet kitchen” in Villány after he spent a few years abroad. The fine dining experience is guaranteed, and it is nicely paired with the specialities of the Hungarian cuisine that are typical of the countryside. Not to mention that guests can enjoy the famous Sauska wines while dining here, as the restaurant is located within the Sauska Winery.

Bistro Sparhelt in Balatonfüred

Bistro Sparhelt restaurant

This is said to be the best restaurant in the Northern-Balaton region. It has a rustic style and a menu that changes monthly, adapting to what ingredients are available in each season. Balázs Elek is the chef who always aims for premium quality.

Pajta in Őriszentpéter

PAjta restaurant

Chef Richárd Farkas created an exciting gourmet menu which reflects the Hungarian countryside as well as being close to nature. The menu changes according to what is available in each season. They use ingredients which they grew themselves in their garden, or they get produce from the nearby forests.

Macok in Eger

Macok Bistro

This restaurant combines elegance and playfulness which makes it an outstanding experience. Macok Bistro is a mixture of fine dining and traditional Hungarian cuisine. The dishes are served in a spectacular way and have very characteristic flavours.

Neked Főztem in Balatonfüred

Lake Balaton restaurants

This restaurant is also characterised by seasonal ingredients. On the menu, one can find everything from the trendiest dishes like pulled pork to the simplest Hungarian meals like layered potatoes.

Rév Csárda in Érsekcsanád

Rév Csárda

This tavern-style restaurant located on the banks of the Danube is said to offer the perfect fisherman’s soup. They use only fish caught from the Danube and hand-made pasta for their famous fisherman’s soup. On the menu, one can find a wide variety of fish courses.

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