District 8, or “nyócker” as locals call it, is an infamous part of Budapest. One of its cafés, Lumen Café, recently gained international attention, and now the American Vogue also discovered the district with all its perks, writes hg.hu.

It wasn’t long ago that BBC’s Business column wrote about Lumen Café, mentioning the infamous District 8, and now another international source noticed this peculiar part of Budapest. The American Vogue wrote that “crime and poverty were once synonymous with Józsefváros, Budapest’s Eighth District. Beyond such treasures as the Hungarian National Museum and the striking, Neo-Baroque Metropolitan Ervin Szabó Library, there was little incentive for chicken paprikash–clamoring tourists to delve deeper into its nexus of rundown streets.”

The writer added that “the ornate onetime dwellings garnering the neighborhood with the nickname the “Palace District” were eye-popping juxtapositions to those neglected buildings still bearing World War II–era bullet holes. But in recent years, inspiration has been just as prominent as grit, birthing an arty, animated hub dominated by colorful food and drink lairs.”

The article then goes on listing a couple of popular places tourists should visit, such as Lumen Café, Caffé Torino, Tasting Table (& Shop), aBisztrónyúl,  Matrjoska BisztróJelen Bisztró, Zsiga Bár, Café Csiga,  Építészpince, and last but not least,  Brody House.

Read the original article here for more information on spots that are worth to take a look at.

based on an article of hg.hu
Photo: Antal Dániel

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Source: hg.hu

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