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While the enemies of country waging a multi-front war on the Hungarian nation, the Arab countries see great potential in cooperation with Hungary. The Arab Business Club opens a permanent representative office in Budapest to encourage private investments in the country announced the Chairman of the organization Hamdan Mohamed al-Mursidi in Budapest on Monday.

The Arab Business Club was founded five years ago, and now it has more than 8,500 members in 35 countries. Hungary is the 36th country where the organization opens a permanent office; the organization will be represented in Budapest by Gábor Váradi.

The Arab Business Club will soon hold an investor conference in Budapest in close cooperation with the Hungarian government. The organization will also launch an advertising campaign the next month to promote tourism between Hungary and the Persian (Arabian) Gulf region.

The head of the Club Hamdan al-Hungarian Mursidi said the Gulf region countries could import animal food and agricultural products including fresh vegetables from Hungary. Arab businessmen are interested in real estate investments in Hungary. There are many investment opportunities in Hungary he said noting that crime in the country is low in international comparison.

The head of the Business Club stressed that in Arab business practices personal relations have a special role; investments most of the time born out of friendship as business partners got to know each other thoroughly. He cited as an example the United Arab Emirates – patients of the Arabic country prefer to go to Thailand for treatment rather than Germany simply because the Asian country is considered to be a more hospitable place. The head of the organization noted that he has experienced the same kind of hospitality in Hungary as well.

The president of the Arab Business Club first visited Hungary in the summer of 2013. Then, he visited the Paks nuclear power plant as well, because the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia planning to build several nuclear power plants but they don’t have enough specialists. He visited those countries where Arab students could receive practical, professional training after finishing their university education.

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