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We all have a runner inside us, just waiting to be discovered. Luckily, there are many places in Budapest where runners can enjoy this wonderful and energizing type of sport. This list is for all the runners out there, who are still looking for that special route, or for runners looking to spice their routines up a little.

There are a few well-known places in Budapest, but Margaret Island and Budapest’s City Park are especially frequented running routes. This is probably due to them being among the most popular sights to see in Budapest to begin with, and these places are perfect for running as a bonus.

Margaret Island

The most popular place for running in Budapest is definitely Margaret Island, which is a beloved tourist sight of the capital to begin with.

Margaret Island, Budapest Margitsziget - Daily News Hungary
Photo: Daily News Hungary

There happens to be a nice running track around the island. The 5 km-long rubber track is very popular among sportsmen. However, due to its popularity, it can become quite crowded quite fast. If you would like to enjoy the view over the Danube while getting fit, you need to pay the price of tolerating dozens of others who are aiming to do the same.

Budapest City Park

The large green area of Budapest’s City Park is pretty ideal for a pleasant run. There are several paths you can take here.

városliget city park

Runners can also adjust the distance of their route according to their preference. A loop of the park is approximately 4 km, but longer and shorter runs are equally accessible.

Don’t worry, there are many other running routes out there which are much less frequented for people who like to do their running in peace and quiet.


Normafa is in the Buda hills. It is a popular place among locals because there are many hiking trails, large greens areas to play, playgrounds in the forest for the kids, and many others. Normafa is the perfect place to spend a day outside in Budapest. Given that Normafa is on top of the hill and inside the forest, its clean air provides the perfect running environment.

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Runners can choose from a wide range of routes. For example, you can jog from Normafa to Elizabeth Lookout Tower and back (5 km). Moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Budapest while doing your daily exercise. If you are not on a diet, you may try the famous strudel of Normafa, which is a special culinary experience.

Kopaszi Dam

Kopaszi Dam is not only the perfect picnic spot, but it is also a very cool place to go for a run.

Kopaszi dam gát
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Culture Trip writes that

Kopaszi Dam is “a scenic, well equipped option for a run for all levels”.

There is a 2 km-long running track, and there are a number of paths on which runners and joggers can enjoy flat terrain and the view of the Danube.

Orczy Garden

Orczy Garden is located in District VIII. It is a beautiful green park with a 800 m-long running track and a small outdoor fitness area.


Runners can enjoy the view of a small lake, while “enjoying shade from the large number of trees in the park. Its inner city location and flat terrain make this an accessible route for all levels.”

Rákos stream

Rákos stream in District XIV is a popular running route for the old-timers of the district, but it is lesser-known among the public in general. It might be a little further away from downtown, but public transport takes you anywhere, isn’t it?


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The stream is ideal for people who do not like crowds, who prefer to run alone in some peace and quiet. If you start your run past 6 p.m., there is barely any traffic bothering you. You might pass by a fellow runner once in a whole, but it is a very calm route to take. For me, it is another bonus that I regularly get to meet dogs while doing my route, because the stream is also a popular dog-walking trail. The stream also houses a family of very friendly ducks who are sometimes wandering around near the stream, so watch out for them!

Gizella boardwalk

The boardwalk between Petőfi bridge and Rákóczi bridge has become an appreciated running route in the last couple of years. It is one of the safest routes out there, as it is quite in the open, there are many apartment houses along the route, and it is also very easily accessible by public transport.

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