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We have already reported about the Hungarian cuisine conquering the world – now let us turn to international cuisine in Hungary. Want to try some of the masterpieces of international cuisine in Budapest? Check out our collection of the best places to go to – based on locals’ opinion.

Chinese – Biang Bistro

Master Wang’s name is well-known among those who like Chinese cuisine. His figure became a hallmark in Hungarian Chinese cuisine following the success of his first restaurant in Józsefváros – the area that Kate McKinnon was so amazed by that he rapped a song about it at Jimmy Fallon’s. Ever since Master Wang has opened two more restaurants in the city at Oktogon and Kálvin square.

We would suggest that customers visit Biang Bistro when they are really hungry, as one can hardly decide between the excellent soups (wonton, hot&sour), fresh and tasty salads and dumplings.

As for the main course, the Biang Biang noodles with homemade, long pasta and delicious seasoning and sauces are a must try.


biang restaurant chinese

Vietnamese – Oriental Soup House

I am sure that everyone would agree that Vietnamese cuisine is in its heydays all over the world. Naturally, there are lots of places where you can try the famous Pho soup in Budapest, too. In this article, I would like to recommend one in particular: Oriental Soup House. As the restaurant’s name suggests, they have many types of soups and main dishes, all of them of outstanding quality, prepared just as in Hanoi.

Their aim is to be as authentic as possible when preparing food.

You can choose from numerous variables, such as Pho with chicken, duck or beef, and even shrimps. If you have had enough soup lately, you can try their spring rolls with fresh vegetables and rice or filled dumplings.

oriental soup house pho vietnamese

Middle Eastern – Dobrumba

The restaurant is inspired by the journeys of Dobrumba’s managers. Their cuisine offers much more than you would probably expect at first sight: they have Middle Eastern, Mediterranean, Spanish, Portuguese, Moroccan, Israeli and Lebanese food among others (!), with an extraordinary and cool interior design resembling New York.

The owners are eco-, vegetarian-, and vegan-friendly, as they offer many foods that can be consumed by people with this kind of diet and mindset.

Their labneh (Arabic cream cheese made from yoghurt) and muhammara (Syrian roasted red pepper, walnut and pomegranate spread) are truly amazing, but visitors will surely be satisfied with other starters too, such as hummus or roasted cauliflowers. Shakshuka, lemon chicken tagine and chicken shawarma are must-haves from the main courses.

international cuisine middle eastern dobrumba

Indian – Punjab Tandoori

For the pleasure of our taste-buds, Punjab Tandoori is highly recommended for those seeking Indian cuisine. Its authentic atmosphere, the outstandingly kind employees, the genuinely Indian recipes are the main reasons why everyone is swept off their feet when dining in this restaurant.

There is only one problem with the place: the restaurant has so many types of food to offer, each of them so delicious that it takes a lifetime to choose from the menu.

One can choose from numerous starters such as vegetable and chicken samosas or paneer and chicken pakoras, each of them served with amazing sauces. They have so many main courses that it is impossible to highlight only one or two of them – we would encourage everyone to visit the restaurant and see for themselves.

indian food tandoori

Thai – Parázs Restaurants

The first Parázs restaurant opened in 2007, and the business has since been expanded with two other places in Budapest. The owners’ main goal was to fill in the hiatus of decent Thai restaurants in the capital and to bring Thai food closer to the common man.

Their intention has indeed come to materialize in the three Parázs restaurants that offer delicate food at affordable prices.

They offer a huge variety of food for the lovers of Thai cuisine:  soups with chicken, fish, pork or beef with rice noodles or coconut milk; wok main courses such as fried noodles or fried rice with chicken, shrimp and vegetables and vegetarian food.

parázs thai food international cuisine

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