The photos below have been taken at the Eastern Railway Station by photographers Balázs Béli and Zsuzska Nagy; the photos show how the underpass leading to the railway station has been taken over by migrants.

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Photo: MTI


Photo: MTI

Source: Photo: Balázs Béli-Zsuzska Nagy, Zsolt Szigetváry (MTi)

  1. all i see is Muslims invading Europe, maybe they should have to gone to saudia Arabia instead!!

  2. The biggest mistake was to let them get into Hungary. Now the big problem is how to get rid off all this shit. Send them back to were they came from!!!

  3. reading comments and seeing that all the legends about Hungarian’s chauvinism and xenophobia are true

  4. in 1956 200.000 Hungarian go to the west because of the Russian, also to my country.
    And now you tell me to get rid off all this

    Shame on you Shame on Hungary

  5. I would love to see Hungary showing love to these outsiders and caring for them. Everyone is equally valuable in this world, and we have the chance to really make a difference in the lives of people who have fled dangerous situations.

  6. Again, muslims bringing what they always bring: garbage, poverty and wishes form free Europen stuff paid with our taxes. Load all this garbage into trucks and dump them outside the borders.We barely tolerate and cope wit f.cking gipsies and now this.

  7. “The biggest mistake was to let them get into Hungary. Now the big problem is how to get rid off all this shit. Send them back to were they came from!!!”

    Yes, it is time to send the racist and primitive Magyars back to Siberia where they came from! They would fit in well with Putin’s Russia, but they are certainly not suitable to be part of Europe and are not welcome here!

  8. Hungary ist not a rich or powerfull country, and now must carry on this situation almost alone.
    What the others UE members are doing to help?
    What the really powerfull nations are doing?
    Virtualy nothing, only complaining about Hungary.
    Hungary is now the gateway to EU, a crowded gateway and If EU is really a union, so do something serious and stop useless arguing.
    Is normal to find xenofobie in countries everywhere, Hungary is not a exception.
    And Emma, Magyars, didn’t came from Siberia and you don’t now nothing about the Magyars, otherwise Hungary.
    I wish to see russians ruling your beloved country, if you have one.

  9. This is getting out of control I saw in some of the pictures refugees with anger faces!
    I used to live in Budapest for 7 years, I know how ppl there react about immigrants.
    If you are in a law with visa and respect they manners you will be welcome .

    I saw someone saying about gypses, and I agree that they are a big problem.
    I was crossing the street if I saw one for sure, they do a lot of mess. I almost got robbed from then not once but a lot of times, a thing that never happened to me in Brasil. ( Im 32 years old and lived in EU for 7 years and 1 in Australia).

    Im not the owner of the word but I saw the 2 different points there ! Budapest isnt rich and is alone to control an give a human support to this ppl, they will not tolerate it for long, also they are afraid of some ISIS be hidding in this mess!
    Also we need to be Human and respect this ppl supporting them, but like this it will cost a revolt and Hungary can be the next US !

    We are receiving a lot of refugees in Brasil in winter we have 28Celsious and they still even here the country of the carnival obligate they kids and wifes to wear those terrible clothing in the heat ! If you are a immigrant you have to have a open heart and be flexible to change your manners in the way the ppl country you are!! Like respecting woman here is a real deal !! I saw 3 muslins here with they wifes wearing tha cover stuff idk the name and it fulled me of anger

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