From June, you can visit the popular summer attraction, the Butterfly Garden, at our Zoo. In the facilities to be found behind the Palm House, visitors can observe several hundred specimens of 23 tropical butterfly species.

The Butterfly Garden has a surface area of 260 square metres: more than five hundred specimens of 23 species of butterfly can be seen by our visitors. All the species on display are native to Central America. We also plan to exhibit other butterfly species over the summer period: as such, by the end of the season we also expect more than fifty species to be shown in the Butterfly Garden. In high summer the New World species will be joined by butterflies from south-east Asia.

The Butterfly Garden is essentially a Mediterranean grove established in a building with translucent side walls, where the butterflies can flit around in 1,200 cubic metres of air space as they please. Visitors can walk freely in the garden along the pathways, among the butterflies. Of course, during the visit to the Butterfly Garden the rule of “look but don’t touch” applies, because catching or touching the fragile animals is not allowed. Our staff are there to supervise it all the time during opening hours.

The opening hours of the Butterfly Garden are the same as those of the Zoo’s animal exhibits. It opens accordingly at 10 in the morning and closes half an hour before the Zoo shuts. Since butterflies do not fly on rainy days, the public cannot then be admitted. It is therefore possible that, during showery weather, visitors will find that the Butterfly Garden is temporarily closed.

Photo: Zoltan Bagosi –


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