For the longest time, we have known that evolution is a crucial reason why humanity is so far ahead of other species on the Earth. But at the same time, many would argue why aren’t we changing? Why has our physical form remain the same for thousands of years? 

But maybe we are still evolving, but just in a different way. Through our daily activities, through our fundamental understanding and most importantly through schooling. Scholars have argued that education is the only thing that you cannot be robbed of.

As a scholar, whatever you have learned over the years cannot be unlearned. Many times, you keep on perfecting in your field of study and get better at it. In all essence isn’t this a kind of evolution?

Points That Show Evolution and Education Work Hand in Hand

On one hand, Evolution is the process of change and self-improvements where you are continually trying to enhance your ability in doing a specific task. For example, fire has been present through out history, but only until recently did man learn about its abilities. It is safe to say that only through evolution did humanity gain the education necessary to use this tool.

On the other hand, education involves learning new skills and trying to improve on it through practice and acquiring additional skills. As you can see in both instances, these concepts require that you learn new skills and develop them.

The previous generation is required to pass on new knowledge, skill or purpose. While the incoming age is meant to improve on these skills before passing them down to the next generation.

At a closer look, it is quite clear that the two concepts work hand in hand to improving humanity.

  • Mental development:  In both education and evolution, the brain is exposed to new things and ideas.

  • Both lead to social development: Schools are mostly social events where students gather together to learn and grow. Through evolution, humanity became social being as early man understood – we are stronger together.

  • Spiritual and physical development is achieved: With over 1000 religions today, many people believe in a higher being. This is cemented by many scholars furthering their understanding of faith which started with an early man.

Why Is Education Such an Important Attribute Today

Going to school gives us an understanding of the things around us. We get to see the world in another perspective.

Most importantly, we can implement the skills we learned to get jobs and improve our lives.

But in today’s world getting a college degree has almost become paramount. In the past, it would be quite easy to get a job without going to school. But today it is almost impossible. Many people end up multi-tasking by going to school and working at the same time. Some people have found a solution to this tedious schedule by saying ‘write my essay’ to writing services that help them cope with such a busy routine.

Yes, going to school can be very challenging, but in the end, it is worth your time. Sometimes you may even need some essay help to tackle some course that you find confusing. But in the end, the most important thing is improving yourself.

Why Educational Evolution Has Stunted in the US 

Many experts have carried out numerous experiments to see what is ailing the education system in the US and how it can be improved. Many argue that the system of learning is becoming obsolete and not keeping up with the requirements of the job market. New job avenues have been created especially in the tech world which requires specific set of skills currently not being taught in the education system.

The scientists insist that schooling is just not about reading and writing; it is also about teaching the students to be social and practice. Something that nations in the east excel in implementing in their education systems.

In the US most schools focus on the books and grades, but as we mentioned above evolution is about an all-round self-improvement. One of the most famous sayings by Gandhi is, “Education means all-round drawing out of the best in child and man—body, mind, and spirit.”

Before depending on the government to change the curriculum, as a student, it starts with you to try and change how you get new skills. You should try unconventional methods of learning such as travelling or trying a new hobby. By visiting different places and socializing with morepeople, you will get to learn about things you would have never discovered in class.

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