The Czech economy shows rapid development therefore the Czech market becomes attractive for foreign investors.

The Czech economy is expected to become the most progressive in Europe thus the Czech Republic gains popularity among investors from all over the world. Analyzing recent tendencies real estate is the most attractive market for investors. SP Estate Company suggests taking part in this boom getting maximal profits in long-term outlook.

There may be pointed out three main factors that make the Czech real estate more and more attractive for investors:

  • Increasing of tourists’ amount (In 2017 more than 10 million foreigners visited the Czech Republic while 70% of the tourists had visited Prague).

  • Large companies select Czech Republic for placing their offices (Siemens, Bosch, SWS and other brands are among them).

  • The Czech real estate market attracts new investors (e.g. Chinese investors are expected to reach top-3 according to investments volume).

Thus Czech Republic becomes important business direction and gains more and more popularity among tourists.

Consequently hotel industry is among the most profitable and promising. All over the country hotels and guest houses bring from 4 to 10% of net profit. Prague is the dominating market being cultural and economic center of the Czech Republic. The average bed occupancy of Prague hotels (3-5 stars) reaches 80% and the experts predict further growth.

The Czech economy shows brilliant indexes of development.

In 2017 GDP growth reaches 4.3%. According to this index the country overrun the USA, Germany and most European countries. While today’s expected net profit of a hotel reaches 10% in the nearest future hotels may become even more profitable.

Apart from developing economy and cultural heritage Czech Republic and Prague in particular offers highly developed infrastructure and reasonable prices.

Prague hotels are among the most profitable investments but their prices are rather high and continue rising.

A hotel of 3 stars costs from 1 to 5 million euro depending on the area. Most investors have not enough money for purchasing a hotel but SP Estate Company offers perfect compromise.

The company invites investors to partake together in profitable project of purchasing a Prague hotel. Get a part of promising business.

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