The European Union may close its borders to illegal immigrants on March 1 reported Serbian Danas news agency by citing EU sources.

Closure simulation exercises are under way at the Slovenian-Croatian and the Serbian-Macedonian border, which will soon be put in practice reported the Serbian news agency.

According to the report, all migrants will be investigated and questioned to find out whether they have relatives in Europe, or if they have come from war zone regions.

The deportation of migrants from the EU has already begun on a small scale. Slovenia sent 217 immigrants back to Croatia, and Croatia pass them on to Serbia.

According to information obtained by Serbian N1 TV, deported migrants in Serbia protesting against the measures; they want to return to Croatia on foot. Serbian interior ministry statement indicated that these migrants haven’t come from war zone regions, that’s why they were deported.

Serbian Asylum Center Director Rados Djurovic recalled that a lot of migrants have been deported because they misled authorities of their country of origin. The director said Serbia can accommodate illegal immigrants until they can continue their trek to western Europe; but their resettlement in Serbia is out of question because the country does not have the health and social system, as well housing opportunities required to integrate a large number of migrants.

Djurovic stressed that Serbia can accommodate up to six thousand migrants and it will deport those that Western European countries send back to Serbia.

As part of the ongoing preparations, Hungary shut three railway crossings with Croatia for 30 days.

Photo: MTI


  1. Send them all to Belgium. The Idiots running the E.U. continue to agitate Central and Southern Europe, let them deal with the headache.

  2. The Visegrad group building fences in non EU country FYRoM in order to isolate Greece from the rest of Europe, is schismatic and serves only to (carve-up) divide Europe.

    The mentality and the beginnings of that idea were Slovene in origin. South-Slavic ideas being promoted by West-Slavs and Hungarians, with intention to fragment Europe, ultimately scares Old-Europe and Germany in particular. In the eyes of Western peoples – Old-Europeans and Germanic Nations in particular, now view the (V4) Visegrad group with scepticism and suspicion.

    If (Slovene) South-Slavic ideas were enacted upon, put into practice by West-Slavs and Hungarians – Greece would simply counter them with bigger fence of it’s own, to protect the Hellenic Republic from the North. The predictable ensuing humanitarian disaster would have been entirely of FYRoM’s making.

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