Hungarian companies had the opportunity to participate at the 5th Marrakech Airshow, Africa’s greatest aircraft muster, thanks to HTCC, in April. After that, a delegation including businessmen was set off to Morocco again, writes

The Hungarian Trade and Cultural Center opened its first representative office in Morocco back in 2013. Ever since then their success seems to grow especially as the number of places where their offices can be found keeps on increasing: with the opening of the office in Dubai in 2015 they have been present in nine countries.

The Marrakech Airshow of Morocco was held in April, and through HTCC Hungarian firms could participate in the event and attend the business and cultural programmes in Casablanca. Later, they continued making new relations while they traveled to Dakhla to see the exhibition organized by the local chamber of agriculture.

According to HTCC, Hungarians may design and hopefully get to construct the new building of the airport in Tiznit, but the Hungarian Puli Space was also found at the exhibition. After the Airshow another delegation, featuring five experts of HTCC and ten Hungarian businessmen, traveled to a rather unknown but full-of-potential region of Morocco this June.

The members of the delegation came from several areas of professions, such as energetics, the food industry, and agriculture, just to name a few. Amazingly, their travel brought successes: the Hungarians got to know numerous potential partners with whom they can start to create and improve relations.

Moreover, several agreements on cooperation and even deals of businesses were made: a Moroccan businessman ordered a great number of a Hungarian products by which they can make production in the dry desert far easier.

The above mentioned and other similar successful travels contributed to HTCC’s relation network-making in the region. Since 2013, their presence have brought lots of experience and many acquaintances in Morocco.

Bearing in mind their results, no surprise that Szabolcs Kutasi, director of trade development at HTCC, hopes and expects to achieve further great successes, by which even more serious supports would come in the future.

Photo: The Hungarian delegation in Morocco, in June

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