Deska was borned by the marriage of skate and surf, you can jump or sail with it, reports.

Deska was borned by the marriage of skate and surf. It is a new hungarian invention, that revolutionize the transport. The adventurous, speed-loving people surely want to try this vehicle immediately!

The Deska project’s leader is Csaba Tölgyesy, who wants to collect 20000 dollars from the financing of the community to start the production of the Deska.The website present Deska in detail, and the possibility of connection and supportation. The new vehicle is the best for urban transport. The structure is very similar to a skateboard, but some elements have been taken over the surf also. You can go with Deska very fast in windy weather, beacuse you can outfit it wit a sail.

Deska is a handmade, carbor fiber rolling vehicle which has 3 wheels and the wheels are much bigger than usual. You should take your feets into the straps which are the same as the surf’s pant. If you are brave, you can jump with it!

If you would like to support the project, you can do it. For 6 dollars you sign up for a list, for 60 dollars you get a T-shirt, and if you pay 120 dollars, you get a coupon with 40% discounts. The simple Deska costs 490 dollars, Deska with brake and feet hurt costs 579 dollars, the full pack is 599 dollars. If the incoming money will be 30.000 dollars, Deska would be decorated.

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