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The Hungarian national team will not express its condemnation of hatred by kneeling, according to a Twitter post published by the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ).

Index wrote that the association also recalled that the rules of UEFA and FIFA do not allow politicization on the field and in the stadium, which the MLSZ not only accepts but also agrees with.

Therefore, the national team will “not condemn any form of hatred by kneeling before matches.”

Kneeling, as a form of a protest against the repression of blacks, dates back to the 2016 action of American footballer Colin Kaepernick, however, it spread last year with the Black Lives Matter movement. After that, it broke into the world of football. For example, in the English Premier League, kneeling before matches has become an almost mandatory part, and it is already known that the players of the national team will do the same at the European Championships.

The Hungarian audience booed at the Irish footballers for kneeling yesterday.

“The reaction from the audience was obviously disappointing and incomprehensible,” tema leader Kenny said. “Our players knelt down for a good cause, against racism, and that was greeted with whistles and puffs. All this is detrimental to the judgment of Hungary and does not shed good light on the country.”

Idah, the Black striker of Norwich colored battle, shared his opinion:

“Of course, it was disappointing to hear the audience whistling at the kneeling Irish players. We are doing this for a good cause, we want to put an end to racism. We want to kick racism out of society, and frankly, the reaction from the audience was very disappointing. That’s not what we hoped for. “

About yesterday’s match

Marco Rossi’s Hungary produced a better performance than they did in last Friday’s 1-0 victory against Cyprus, but had to settle for a goalless draw against Republic of Ireland on Tuesday night after both visiting goalkeepers made memorable saves.

There was an early scare for the hosts when John Egan’s header struck Péter Gulácsi’s crossbar in the sixth minute but from then Rossi’s team dominated most of the play. Ádám Szalai came closest to opening the scoring in the first half, his header from Attila Szalai’s left-wing cross palmed away well by Ireland goalkeeper Gavin Bazunu in the 36th minute.

The Mainz striker went close with another excellent header in the second period, this time from an Ákos Kecskés cross from the right, but Ireland’s substitute goalkeeper Caoimhín Kelleher tipped the ball over the crossbar, then made another similar save from the resulting corner when Ádám’s partial namesake, defender Attila Szalai, half-volleyed the ball towards goal from 12 metres.

There would be no winning goal for Hungary, but at least they posted another clean sheet and extend their unbeaten run to eleven matches stretching back to last autumn’s home loss against Russia. Marco Rossi’s team open their European Championship campaign against Portugal in the Puskás Aréna at 18:00 next Tuesday.

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Source: Index, MLSZ

  1. Orbanistan is a hopeless place. Not because of this parricular case of kneeling or not kneeling but because of the hipocrisy and double standards of its despotic regime.

  2. Firstly, BLM has caused hundreds of millions of dollars damage in USA with their rioting and looting, the vast majority of which was in black neighbourhoods.
    Secondly, of the 90 million dollars collected by BLM not a single dollar has gone to any of the families of the people the riots were about. Think about that!
    Thirdly, BLM is a Marxist organisation, look at their website if you do not believe me.
    Finally, why has BLM not protested about any of the thousands of black people killed (including children) by black on black violence?

    And just because the England football does it before matches do not think the supporters approve of it. There is widespread booing by supporters when it happens.
    I fully support the decision by the Hungarian team. I wish you success in the Euros.

  3. BLM is a terrorist organization & should never be celebrated. It is based on an absolute lie. More WHITES are killed EVERY year, in America, than blacks. FACT! I applaud the Hungarian team, for this, & keeping politics out of sports.

  4. It’s the Hungarian crowd & FA & by extension nation that is both wrong, racist and barbaric. Who the hell do they think they are? No ‘respect’ for the decency of the majority of humanity in their petty abstemiousness. I am ashamed of my people. I was excited for them and the tournament to come. Now I wish for nothing more than their deserved fate in the group of death. May the team & the MLSZ be relegated to a football backwater with their back woods opinions. It would be just ridiculous if it were not so pathetic and offensive.

  5. I am shamed, a born Hungarian, Hungary is viewed a racist country!

  6. George is out to lunch. People attend soccer games and pay for tickets because they want to enjoy the game. Politics should be kept out of the game. Kneeling does not make the situation better. Protest at Consulates that oppress people. It is silly to protest in a country that has no racist problems, did not oppress other races.

    Teams that bring politics into the games cheat the paying audience.

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