In the first eight month of 2015 the gross income of the Hungarian hotels was more than 11.6% (217.5 billion HUF) higher than in 2014 – according to the Hungarian Hotel and Restaurant Association’s (MSZÉSZ ) report, says (original source is MTI).

The hotels’ gross room revenues have grown by 14.1% to 126.7 billion HUF in total. The gross turnover of the hotels in Budapest has grown by 15.2% to 103.8 billion HUF, and the rooms’ revenue has grown by 17.2% between January and August, which is 65.7 billion in total.

The total gross income of the hotels at Lake Balaton has passed the base by 1.3%, and the total turnover of the region has grown by 7.3% without the hotels at Hévíz. According to the report, there was a 10% raise in the rooms’ prices due to the hot weather in August which attracted more customers.

In the first eight month of 2015 the domestic overnight stays have risen by 7.2%, while the foreign overnight stays were 5.5% more than in 2014. In average, the number of overnight stays spent at Hungarian hotels has grown by 6.3% – it has grown by 8.1% in Budapest, but it fell by 2.7% at Lake Balaton.

The MSZÉSZ emphasized that the hotels’ turnover in average has grown mostly because of Budapest – the number of foreign overnight stays has grown by 9.1% in the capital between January and August, the room occupancy has grown by 5.2% point (69.3% in total), and the gross price of a room has grown by 7.6% in average, making it 20.774 HUF.

In the first eight month of 2015 the total number of overnight stays have grown by 40.1%, the domestic stays have grown by 8.5%, and the foreign overnight stays have grown by 66.6%; 47.7% of the total revenue of the Hungarian hotels, and 51.9% of the total room revenue was generated in Budapest.

The report also emphasized that the 9% fall in the Balaton region’s turnover in the first eight month was due to the drastic decrease in the number Russian and Ukrainian tourists. Compared to the base, the number of overnight stays spent by Russians have fallen by 27%, while the number of overnight stays spent by Ukrainians have decreased by 19.4%.

Thirteen new hotels were opened in Hungary between January and August in the following cities: Orosháza, Algyő, Székesfehérvár, Mórahalom, Balatonfüred, Mezőtúr, Balástya, Mándok, Szeged, and Pécs. Three more hotels will be opened in Budapest and twelve on the countryside in 2015.

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