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Changing jobs in such uncertain times may not be the best idea unless one is really forced to do so. In any case, it is worth knowing that the current stagnation in the labour market will not last long – at least according to experts. Anyone who is already feeling very uncomfortable in their current location but persists for a while can be pleasantly surprised by the post-pandemic period.

According to the report of Pénzcentrum, a kind of wave of dismissals started in the spring in Hungarian workplaces, and the restrictive measures introduced in the aftermath of the pandemic were not easy for anyone, but the period after that was also difficult. Many of the people who have thought so far that they were satisfied and stable quit at work, completely recklessly.

The situation at the moment is not the same as in the spring, although this does not mean that it is less depressing: infection data shows that the number of deaths is several times higher than in March-May, and people now seem to be more attached to their jobs than before.

“It must be seen that, especially in these times, people have a terrible need for security. In such uncertain circumstances, we also tend to suggest to those who turn to us for advice that they should wait a bit now. As difficult as it may be, perhaps this seems the wisest thing at the moment,” – said Ildikó Csenteri-Dénes, an HR business partner, to Pénzcentrum, who suggests that we last at least until something comes up that seems really certain. Surveys also show that the labour market is at a standstill: Groupama Insurance’s latest national research sought answers, among other things, about the consequences of the many changes in the labour market that affected jobs in the first wave and what effects these may have in the long run.

As a result, only 17 out of a hundred are currently planning to change jobs, 13 within a year. It is mainly young people in the capital who are looking for a new job, as well as workers who have experienced some stressful, disturbing change in their current job due to the epidemic. A year ago, this rate was even higher, which clearly suggests that the coronavirus is forcing workers to be more cautious in the labour market.

“Sometimes the situation is really unsustainable, the treatment, the work environment, maybe the leader spins out – because if one sees such an example, then of course the people have to move on in order to maintain their own mental integrity,” says the specialist. “We had a client who considered the situation untenable, he didn’t have a valid offer, but he resigned.” However, in the opinion of Ildikó Csenteri-Dénes, the given situation must always be thoroughly examined, but now, while it is still possible, it is worth waiting, only because of the difficulties of getting a new job:

“I believe and confess that when this whole situation is over, when we return to normal, the restrictive measures are lifted, and the danger is gone, the labour market will start very fast. People will look for new opportunities.

It is worth waiting as an employee, and companies planning post-epidemic reconstruction are already thinking about expanding.

With the mass appearance of active jobseekers, companies have been put in a better position as they are better able to choose from candidates, so they can also welcome valuable workers among their new employees who were previously completely inaccessible to recruiters. It is almost certain that most will be selected according to how well they supported employees under Covid-19, which company treated them well. Incidentally, this is already the case today: employees are watching the management to see who reacts and how to this unusual situation. “

This was also confirmed by the survey already mentioned: the epidemic has also brought a change in how workers judge their jobs. More than 60 per cent of the workers were basically satisfied with the workplace measures related to the epidemic. They were especially happy if the employer did everything in their power to preserve jobs and to keep the company running. It was also appreciated if the management acted quickly and informed its employees in the correct manner.


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