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Energy drinks can increase the risk of sudden death by a large amount. According to the latest Spanish research, a significant amount of death caused by circulatory problems among young people is connected to the consumption of energy drinks. The large amounts of sugar and caffeine can aggravate hidden circulatory problems and can cause arrhythmia. The Hungarian Society of Cardiology have responded and warns people not to substitute sleep and rest with the beverage and that people should pay attention to their bodies’ warnings and take them seriously.

For many people, it is a daily routine to drink one or even several energy drinks in order to shake themselves up.

According to a recent study, these drinks can greatly increase the risk of sudden death. The international study led by Dr Fabian Sanchis-Gomar and executed in Madrid has shown that energy drinks are behind the circulatory death of many young adults who were otherwise healthy. The danger lies in the fact that the consumption of such beverages can aggravate hidden circulatory diseases. The original article can be found HERE.

The large amount of sugar and caffeine content of these drinks can cause arrhythmia in those who regularly consume or are sensitive to these drinks. Among the ingredients, the caffeine content of guarana is as high or even higher than a cup of coffee. Additionally, they contain significant amounts of ginseng and taurine, which can be dangerous in great doses.

Approximately 31% of teenagers from 12-19 years of age consume energy drinks on a daily basis.

In the US there are even alternative forms for these drinks, such as bubble gums and inhalers. According to the study, the high caffeine content of these products can cause great harm.

In 2007 in the US, 46% of the victims of the total of 5448 cases of death caused by caffeine overdose were under 19 years old.

Although there are no official statistics concerning this in Hungary, seeing the trends, Hungary might face similar problems. In the study, which was published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, Dr Sanchis-Gomar draws the attention of doctors to the fact that warning teenagers to the dangers of consuming energy drinks are a very important step in the prevention of death caused by circulatory diseases. The Hungarian Society of Cardiology added that energy drinks should not replace the appropriate amount of sleep and rest and that we should always pay attention to the signals of our bodies.

In consideration of the study, this might be a little bitter-sweet, but here is how Hell, the Hungarian energy drink became world-famous.

“Many people think that if they guzzle down an energy drink, then everything will fall into its place on its own. If they are tired, they think that they can stay up longer and if their brain is sluggish, then it will work lightning fast. Although it might be true in the short run, the long-term consumption of such drinks has many negative effects.

I had a patient who drank his coffee in the morning, then he drank an energy drink before noon. He ate nor drank nothing else, which caused him to have such a high heart rate that he had to stay for hours in our hospital ward.

It is particularly important that those who already have cardiac arrhythmia should entirely omit the consumption of such beverages, but those who react sensitively to these drinks should also avoid their consumption.” – Dr András Vértes, the leader of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation workgroup of the Hungarian Society of Cardiology warns people.

So, what is the professionals’ advice?

  • The consumption of one 250ml energy drink daily is safe for most teenagers.
  • Energy drinks should not be consumed before or during sports activities.
  • Those who have confirmed circulatory diseases must consult their doctors before consuming any energy drinks.
  • The excessive consumption of energy drinks combined with alcohol or drugs, or both can have a particularly dangerous effect, or even cause death.

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