Ganz Engineering and Energy Production Machinery LLC, the Hungarian subsidiary of the Russian Rosatom Atom Energetic Group, concluded an agreement with the South African Blue World Power and Energy Services PTY Ltd. According to the agreement, the small hydroelectric power plant will be constructed at Mpompomo waterfall, in the Mpumalanga region, about 300 km east from Johannesburg.

Alekszandr Merten, the CEO of Rosatom’s project integration firm, Rosatom International Network emphasised, that this is their first contract with Blue World Power and Energy Services PTY, in which they agreed about the construction of a hydroelectric power plant which is below 1MW of power output. Alexandr Merten added that this agreement is the start of a large-scale cooperation in South and Central Africa.

Rosatom Africa Hydro Power Plant Ganz Hungary

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One of the most promising products for the countries in the African continent is Rosatom’s small hydroelectric container power plant which can provide 2MW of power at max.

This power plant is capable of providing electricity for 250-400 households.

The equipment does not need the construction of a dam, and its installation does not intervene with the wildlife of the river or water reservoir. This container product makes the installation much faster and helps to lower the construction costs significantly. The Ganz EEPM LLC provides 12 years of guarantee for the power plant which has about 30 years of approved service life. The miniature hydro plant works via remote operations through a phone, internet or satellite connection.

The mini hydro plant matches the African power grid, there is no need to install huge power lines, and with 93% utilisation, the product will pay the initial costs back in 3 years.

Gavin Carlson, the director of Blue World Power and Energy Services, added that his company is working on several potential projects in the African continent. The South African company focuses on small hydroelectric power plants because they can provide electricity for African villages fast and effectively. Gavin also said that his company alongside with Rosatom have pledged themselves to provide energy for Africa with the help of the mentioned water plants.

You can read about the meeting of the Hungarian Paks II minister and Rosatom in Sochi here.

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