According to, the video – which was posted by a Dutch Facebook site – has been viewed by 3 million people since Monday. That means nearly 2 thousand people every minute. It was recorded by the Hungarian Critical Mass organizer, Kuku (in 2012), and you can also recognize Aron Halasz, President of the Hungarian Cyclists’ Club. In the recording a mother tries to bike home with her three children from the grocery store. Dutch people adore the struggle of the mother on screen.

Photo: 3 kids, 2 wheels, 1 supermum in Amsterdam YouTube video

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  1. I only have one question: WHY do people have kids they cannot really support? She looks like she is struggling…and, NO man in site….hhhmmmm…Don’t people know we can ‘control’ the number of kids we have???? HELLOO?????? Simple irresponsibility is what it looks like to me….they look poor. WHY have kids you can’t support?A

  2. Why? Probably because sympathies pour out for African, Middle east, and other desolute places. But you can’t point the finger at somebody you know nothing about, and worst everything good one day and very bad the next. Maybe do something to help the people that work and struggle to try to make a better life. Not so much the one’s that just suck the economies or waste them.

  3. Kids should be wearing a helmet! If an accident, she will be charged, and lose kids… I saw a mom with one little baby biking in Milan, they fell and they did not have a helmet… luckily they did not die, but there was damage…

  4. Helmets?! agreed!! Maybe the rich government should issue FREE! HELMETs! dear!! Why not push and parade that!! instead of parading the rights of the illegal migrants which DON’T have any!!

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