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György Böhm will be the one to bring the musical about the life of Ferenc Puskás, the most successful Hungarian football player of all time, to stage. György Böhm has been active in the theatre world for nearly fifty years, he had already brought dozens of plays to stage before. The Jászai Mari Award-winning director knew from a young age that his career was to be found in the world of arts, but he had never been admitted to the University of Theatre and Film Arts, so he took his fate into his own hands, reports Blikk.

“They never accepted my application for the University. I worked there, I did an exam performance, but I did not graduate there. After not being admitted to the director program at the University when I was 18, I simply walked into Vígszínház (famous Hungarian theatre). I said at the reception that I would like to be a theatre director and I would like to ask if there is recruitment for a director or an assistant because I want to work here. I was lucky, the concierge told me to go upstairs where they were interviewing decorators. This is how I spent a few unforgettable years as a decorator, and it determined my whole career,” György Böhm recalled on 95.8 Sláger FM. György went through all the stages of the theatre ladder and learned everything until he became one of the most sought-after and respected directors in Hungary.

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György Böhm Sláger FM Theatre Director
György Böhm, director of the musical
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“At the beginning of February, I will be working on The Heartless Man’s Sons in Zalaegerszeg, and we will start preparing Kusturica’s punk opera based on the movie Time of the Gypsies. But the biggest thing I will be working on with Péter Deres is the musical titled Öcsi Puskás.

The piece is done, and the music is also mostly finished. We are currently undecided about the place and time of the play.

The inspiration came from Kristóf Kemény’s brilliant book series: Puskás Öcsi – A külvárosi vagány hihetetlen kalandjai (roughly: The Unbelievable Adventures of Suburban Cool Kid). The fruit of our work is a very exciting piece, and I look forward to it and hope the audience will like it as well,” György said.

Source: Blikk.hu

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